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Tips for Increasing Revenue with Facebook Advertising



One of the most cost-effective advertising platforms available today is Facebook Ads. It is used by 5 million marketers globally and 42% go as far as to say the platform is ‘critical' to their business. You might not be using Facebook but, the chances are, your competition is. 


So how can your business access this vast marketplace, attract new customers and ensure it happens for relatively small investment?


Here we look at a few ways you can ensure enhanced Facebook Ad performance and get a better return on investment with your paid campaigns.


Know Your Ad Campaign Objectives & Choose the Best One

It seems obvious when we say it, but so often we see this crucial step bypassed.  Lackadaisically going into paid social with no real goal in mind will only end up costing time and money, so before you start setting up any ads, ask yourself:  What is the goal of this campaign? 


By answering this simple question, you will then have a strategy set for the type of ad, content and audience you need in order to get results.


Some of the most common types of ad goals are:

  • Increasing web traffic – this is ideal if you want to promote new services or products

  • Visibility – great for raising brand profile, increasing overall awareness and reach

  • Boosting engagement – if you would like to understand what content is working best for your audiences, this is an excellent way to do it.

  • Lead generation – this is perfect for organisations looking to promote gated content (or website content that askes for contact details to access)

  • Sales – naturally, if you are selling things online, this can be used to increase the number of purchases and/or push special deals and offers.


Choose the Right Target Audience

One of the best things about using Facebook for advertising is the granularity with which you can target your audiences using any combination of demographics including location, place of work, industry, age, gender, income, relationship status, interests, hobbies, behaviours and more.


A good way to start defining your audience is user profiling – which is not just beneficial for online campaigns but also for your marketing strategy in general. 


A strong user profile is essentially creating a fictional representation of a customer based on research and data compiled about your existing customers which include the key demographics, behaviours, motivations, insights, and aspirations that define your marketing messages.  Once you’ve defined your target audience and their profiles, you are able to move onto creating your ad campaign.


Use Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a string of code that you place in the backend of your website.  The purpose of this code is to track on-site user behaviour, so that you can optimise your ads based on the data collected via Pixel. 


Some of the things that Facebook can help you with is retargeting users who might have recently subscribed to a webinar of yours, abandoned a shopping cart or viewed your services page, for example.


Blend in With Organic Content

Before choosing the type of content you will be promoting, pay attention to what’s happening on your target audiences’ newsfeeds.  One thing that can give you a distinct advantage in the ad game is to seamlessly blend into the feed or timeline.  The more ‘organic’ the ad feels, the more likely a user is to engage with your content. 


In contrast, studies have shown that nearly 50% of users will unfollow brands that post obviously spammy content or promotional messages to frequently… which leads us to our next point:


Create Content with Conversation in Mind

Think back to a time where you were at a social event and ended up lumbered with a person that was only interested in talking about themselves.  Did you enjoy the conversation?  We’re guessing no…  Yet we still see it, time and again – marketers shouting about their products or services in the same ‘Me! Me! Me!’ tone. 


One of the simplest things you can do to increase the success of your online marketing across all platforms is to actually engage your audience in the conversation.  The more people interact with your posts, the more relevant the algorithms will deem your page, which ultimately will result in more ad exposure and growing warm leads.  So, just as you would at a party, ask questions, offer free information and engage in dialogues that are not centred around yourself.  Social media is, after all… social.


Continually Refresh & Test Everything

Never just set it and forget it. 


To see results in the world of digital marketing, it’s essential to be continually reviewing, testing, refining and refreshing your content.  Not only does this keep your audience engaged and hopefully grab the attention of those you are targeting – it also keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends and best practice so you’re always ahead of the competition.


So, check that ad copy, try different types of media and update your designs to identify what your audience responds to best.


Think Long Term

This idea is not just limited to Facebook advertising, but can also be applied to life in general – do things now that your future self will thank you for. 


So, you’ve created an ad set with a goal of boosting engagement and it’s working… brilliant!  But what now?  What’s the long-term plan here?  How can we turn this engagement into something tangible for the business now?


The average Facebook user clicks on an ad 8 times per month… will yours be one of them?

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