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Instagram for PR Success: Why Millions are Using Instagram for PR




Instagram’s online community is now a huge 1 billion monthly active users, having grown almost tenfold in the last five years. With this size of audience, it's easy to see why brands are using Instagram to increase their online presence.


Source: Statista 2019


A distinct advantage of Instagram is that it cuts out a lot of the social noise and unwanted adverts that you find on other platforms. Instagram showcases life, nature, products and events in the most stunning visual way. Users can seek out content they are interested in using hashtags and follow their friends, family, celebrities and favourite brands.


Approximately 80% of all users follow a business on Instagram. That’s 800 million users, so if you’re not on Instagram, you’re possibly missing a trick. But how can you integrate the platform into your brand's PR efforts?


Source: Instagram Business


Showcase Your Products on Instagram


Images on Instagram need to be aspirational and visually stunning.  Standard product shots won't cut the mustard with Instagram users. They need to be engaging, interesting and show your products in an eye-catching way.




Working With Influencers On Instagram


An influencer is an individual who has a social media following in a particular niche. They engage regularly and have the power to affect purchase decisions because of their knowledge, status and relationship with their audience.



Advertising regulations now require influencers to be transparent about receiving gifts from brands or being paid to post images / videos of products. Working with someone who has a genuine interest in your field could really help boost brand awareness.



Portraying Company Culture on Instagram


People love to look behind the scenes. Images and videos of your employees at work or having fun is a great way to humanise your brand and build trust with your audience. If your team takes part in activities together, such as charity events or quizzes, then Instagram is a great platform to promote it.






Instagram 101 - Tip



Teams that take part in events usually have branded clothing for them to be seen/pictured in.


Using Instagram for Event Promotion


Instagram can be used to promote your events. Use your promotional materials to promote ticket sales, booking information and event details. If you have an official hashtag, make sure it is included in all posts.




As it gets closer to the event, start building momentum and encouraging engagement by posting images and videos around the following…


  • Countdown to the event

  • Invitations/Tickets

  • Quotes or interviews from performers/speakers

  • Images/videos from previous events (#Throwback #Flashback #WayBackWhen)

  • Food that will be available at the event (food photographs always goes down a treat)

  • Time lapse of the event being set up

  • Competitions, giveaways or promotions

  • Invite attendees to share images/videos from previous events


You can also utilise Instagram stories to showcase the event as it happens.


Using Hashtags On Instagram #TopTip


Hashtag noun


A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media platforms to identify content on a specific topic.


Create a unique but simple hashtag and use it in all of your social media posts. Encourage attendees to use this hashtag on their posts too and you will be able to see all the content shared by your visitors. Include additional relevant hashtags in your post. The optimum number of hashtags to use is between nine and twelve.


Instagram Stories


Instagram users can collate pictures and videos into a slide show, which can be overlaid with text, graphics, and emojis. A story is only visible for 24 hours before it disappears. Stories are a place to get creative and showcase your business in a fun way to your followers. If you have a verified account you can add a swipe up link for further information on the topic of the story.


Get A Piece Of The Instagram Action


A massive 80% of Instagram’s 500 million daily active users follow a business account. With statistics showing that 60% of users first heard about a product on Instagram and 30% of users saying they bought something they discovered on Instagram can you afford not to have a slice of the Instagram pie?




Source: Instagram Business & Statista


Instagram is for sharing creative images and videos, so don't be too formal with your content.


If you want any support with your Instagram campaigns, get in touch with the experts at System2.

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