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In modern psychology, our brains have two systems. System1 takes care of the repetitive tasks which we do every day. System2 takes care of the complex thinking and decision making. That's us.



We believe individuals and companies are essentially media owners. They have audiences which include customers, staff, potential customers, the media, their own sectors, politicians, website browsers – the list goes on. Without realising it, our customers often have a number of audiences greater than the circulations of many national newspapers, yet they don't act as media owners to maximise the potential of this audience power. System2 applies the strategic thinking which unlocks that power, then delivers news and film content across various PR and digital platforms. And all measured for evaluation. If you want to realise the potential that exists in your target audiences, and it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't, we can ensure you do that.


There are a number of values which are important to us. Both internally and in every day life dealing with clients,
suppliers and people that we meet along the way. Thinking is what we are built upon, seeking new knowledge and solutions daily; integrity is at our core, as without it, nothing else really works; caring, because it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that we should act as decent people; great service, but that's what clients deserve; harmony, both in
the sense of balanced communications and personal interaction; and, of course, enjoyment because it makes life
and work so much better.