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Leading communications provider HighNet is the first Scottish company to be awarded a new quality accreditation to recognise its high standard of care to telecommunications customers.

HighNet is one of only two UK firms to be awarded a Mark of Excellence for Regulatory Compliance by the Federation of Communications Services (FCS). It follows a rigorous independent audit of the company’s key processes and paperwork to demonstrate it complies with all relevant telecoms regulations, including the General Conditions of Entitlement.

Brionaidh Siegel, HighNet’s Service Delivery Manager, said: “We are very proud to be the first company in Scotland to be awarded the Mark of Excellence by the FCS.

HighNet service delivery manager Brionaidh Siegel


“Achieving this high standard is what sets us apart from other companies. For our customers it is plain sailing dealing with us as it gives them peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best possible service from a reliable provider.

“Customers who choose non-compliant suppliers, unlike us, risk getting tied up in long contracts with no proper fault-handling procedures in place.

“We take our compliance responsibilities very seriously and it is rewarding to be recognised for reaching and maintaining such high standards.”

The FCS awards the Mark of Excellence accreditation only to providers that meet best practice and outstanding service standards.

It is a member-driven accreditation that helps holders distinguish themselves from the multitude of communications providers. Companies who have undertaken regulatory compliance training with Train to can opt to have a review of their compliance with industry regulation and, should they wish, proceed to attaining the award.

Attaining the standard demonstrates to the marketplace a provider’s compliance not only in their key documentation but with all relevant industry rules and regulations. The Mark is only awarded by the FCS once all documentation has been independently audited to show that full compliance has been achieved.

Itret Latif, interim CEO of the FCS, said: “We are delighted that our members take their compliance responsibilities so seriously and wish to work to attain this standard that sets them out as serious, quality providers.

“Special congratulations to HighNet and we look forward to more members coming forward to work with our supplier, Train to Win, and attain these high levels of compliance.”

Julie Mills, Director, Train to Win, said: “Congratulations to HighNet for being one of the first companies in the telecoms industry to be recognised for being compliant with relevant regulation and demonstrating their commitment to both their customers and fellow players in the market, setting the standard for others to aspire to.”

In April, HighNet was declared Constituency Responsible Business Champion by the All-Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group for its work in the community, as well as working practices that benefit employees and customers.

It will be one of the Scottish representatives competing against other constituency champions around the UK at Westminster on 4 July.

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