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Hootsuite announce the Instagram update we’ve all been waiting for

Posting and scheduling Instagram content just got a whole lot easier and faster for Hootsuite’s 16 million customers.

A closer integration between the two platforms will mean an end to the clunky and inefficient process of posting to Instagram via the Hootsuit desktop dashboard.

Until now, the process worked between the desktop and application version of Hootsuite on your mobile device. Once you had your content ready on Hootsuite desktop and ‘actioned’ it, a notification would be sent to your Hootsuite mobile app. From there you had to go into the app, open up the notification and action “publish now”. The caption would be saved to clipboard and the photograph would be opened in Instagram, where you then had to paste the photograph caption before posting to Instagram.

Now, all you have to do is create your content in the dashboard, upload your photograph or select a post you wish to re-share, and hit ‘send’ or ‘schedule’ and it will publish directly.

Instagram itself doesn’t allow for direct re-sharing or scheduling, this has to be done through a third-party application, which itself is not a streamline process.

For high volume accounts, the new integration is exactly what Hootsuite needed to enable users to manage Instagram the same way they use Hootsuite to manage all of their platforms, quickly and efficiently.

The update means there are no notifications, no desktop-to-mobile app and no pasting, just direct, immediate posting straight from the dashboard! A process that took minutes reduced to seconds.

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