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Two leading communication agencies are set to merge and create the next generation of news and PR services.

System2, experts in PR, corporate intelligence, social media and communication strategies, will now also provide and use video as one of its services following the merger with strategic partner DP Digital Media.

Ian Forsyth, Peter Kane, System2

Ian Forsyth (left) and Peter Kane of System2

The move will take System2 into the top 100 PR agencies in the UK outside of London and comes amid forecasts that video will account for 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019.

The merger creates a joint team of eight staff, with operations in Inverness and Glasgow, and film studio facilities in Dingwall to provide a wide variety of media content.

Peter Kane, Director at System2, said: “We’re delighted to announce this growth and expansion through an equal merger of the two teams. Video and film is of vital importance and is crucial to businesses and organisations that want to engage with customers and audiences.

“The world of news, media and engaging with customers online is clearly changing. Newspapers, social media platforms and how people search out information about news and their interests continue to go in new directions. That’s why it’s important for public relations and film companies to respond and change too, as well as businesses. That’s what we’re doing, and in the process, we’ve created the next generation PR company.”

Ian Forsyth, Director at System2, said: “System2 is a new type of PR agency which delivers ‘full circle’ communications. We can identify customer targets, provide corporate intelligence, design communication strategies and deliver them through a variety of channels, ranging from news and social media through to film for multiple platforms. 

“This merger works because we have the same approach and work ethos, as well as a unique range of services.” 

Ian Forsyth, along with Peter and Suzanne Kane, are the leading directors of System2 and their combined client list includes national and international brands in golf, IT, oil and gas, aviation, healthcare, music, tourism and other sectors, with activity in the UK, Europe and the USA.

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